Database Integrated Reading Tools

Here are defined the procedures for reading content on the database, stashing the reading outputs, and producing statements from the readings, and inserting those raw statements into the database.

The Database Readers (indra_db.reading.read_db)

A reader is defined as a python class which implements the machinery needed to process the text content we store, read it, and extract Statements from the reading results, storing the readings along the way. The reader must conform to a standard interface, which then allows readers to be run in a plug-and-play manner.

The Database Script for Running on AWS (indra_db.reading.read_db_aws)

This is the script used to run reading on AWS Batch, generally run from an AWS Lambda function.

The Database Reporter (indra_db.reading.report_db_aws)

Create an object that is used to aggregate and report on the reading process, allowing for effective monitoring.

A Class to Manage and Monitor AWS Batch Jobs (indra_db.reading.submit_reading_pipeline)

Allow a manager to monitor the Batch jobs to prevent runaway jobs, and smooth out job runs and submissions.